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Innovative, dependable packaging for dry and frozen foods, household goods, and more: the Packaging Group will meet your exact needs. People use Packaging Group folding cartons every day – we’re proud to make the cartons for many of North America’s best-known brands and best-selling products.


It looks as good on the shelf as it performs in our testing lab

With generations of experience, top-of-the-line technology and an appetite for innovation and service, the PaperWorks Packaging Group leverages a history of excellence with a can-do attitude to get results every time. With facilities across North America that include both design and production centers, we work with clients to make exactly the packaging they need, then producing it with perfect fidelity to their desired design.


Anything. Anytime.

The PaperWorks Packaging Group provides a full range of folding carton capabilities backed by an experienced team. Key to our offerings is solid knowledge of every aspect of the industry: from flexography to supply chain management, we have unshakeable expertise and leading-edge technological savvy. Your projects will be handled with exacting attention to detail and with your needs and satisfaction at the forefront of our minds.

We provide a broad range of printing and design options for printed folding cartons.

Not only do we offer all the standard printing methods – sheet-fed offset, and web flexo – we take the time to analyze every job and determine what most efficiently meets customer needs according to project scale and parameters. A variety of printing and finishing options gives customers more flexibility to both scale up to larger print runs when their projects meet with success, or to book short runs of specialty stock for individual projects. Affordable innovation is also a key element of our printing and converting business, with innovative in-line coatings and barrier technology, metallized foil transfers, and holographic images adding immense value and performance at a reasonable cost. The PaperWorks Packaging Group can provide everything from press applied microencapsulated scratch-and-sniff applications to textured grip pads. Listening to customer needs and finding the best ways to meet them, using every tool at our disposal from base printing methods to cutting-edge technology, is what sets us apart.

The primographic system is a roll-fed hybrid of flexo and letterpress printing, capable of UV and aqueous printing up to 200 line screen. The system uses 10 print stations and a modular in-line cutting, creasing, and embossing system to successfully managethe entire converting process.

The benefits of the Packaging Group’s primography capabilities include:
  • Exceptional graphic reproduction and color control
  • Ability to reverse print up to 10 colors in any combination
  • More accurate print-to-cut tolerances
  • Better precision in embossing/debossing
  • Blister cards (print, coat, and cut in one pass)
  • Ability to reverse print, foil transfer, emboss/deboss, and cut/crease; all in-line
  • Reduced lead times
  • High-fidelity cartons at the lowest possible cost

The PaperWorks Packaging Group Design and Innovation Department (PDI) is a dedicated team focusing on group-wide global technology reviews, new technology development, and a constant exploration of materials, procedures and novel ideas in use at or useful to the company’s packaging activities.

The PDI team is in charge of rethinking the carton on a daily basis: working within the company to review and develop new technologies, raw materials, processes and concepts associated with packaging activities. They also work with suppliers, exploring new products and possibilities, and with customers, developing better carton concepts from raw design through to costing and development.

With an equal eye on sustainability and practicality, our design experts help customers re-think the carton from every perspective.

Criteria for a packaging audit are exhaustive, and can include:
  • Retailer criteria: rethinking packaging for better results on retail scorecards
  • Packaging size: can the package be resized?
  • Caliper requirements: is the carton thickness optimal for the purpose?
  • Shipping: is there a way to redesign that optimizes shipping efficiency?
  • Appearance: is the package as attractive as it can be?
  • ROI: are there enhancements that provide great results for low costs?
This service is one we’re proud to provide to our customers. Our fresh perspective often provides amazing results, especially with a full team of seasoned packaging experts and our R&D team standing behind the audit process.

The PaperWorks Packaging Group’s four CAD design centers feature the latest in packaging design software and sample cutting plotters.

The best tools require skilled artists, so the PaperWorks Packaging Group employs an unrivaled collection of talented designers with decades of experience in packaging. The PaperWorks Packaging Group’s Structural Design services include:
  • Innovative structural models
  • Fully-functional prototypes
  • Cost-efficient packaging design
  • E-design of existing cartons
  • Design tracking system
  • Structural/graphic design composites
  • Product/process fit reviews

We offer the highest definition flexo print quality in the world,with all the advantages of web flexo converting.

The benefits of the Paperworks Packaging Group’s web flexo capabilities include:
  • Flexibility and responsiveness
  • Reduced lead times
  • Cost-effective printing and converting
  • Backside printing up to three colors
  • Consistent graphic reproduction

The PaperWorks Packaging Group currently has systems in place to manage its customers’ planning, forecast and demand data to ensure that packaging components are produced at PaperWorks plants to meet customers’ Just-In-Time (JIT) requirements.

The PaperWorks Packaging Group is a global leader in supplier-managed inventory systems.

The Packaging Group distinguishes itself by developing a unique management solution for every customer, crafting a program for maximum mutual benefits so nobody holds excess inventory for longer than necessary.

We use Lean Manufacturing principles including Value Stream mapping of the entire supply chain to ensure the most efficient and cost-effective supply chain. Careful planning, modeling software and historical analyses allow us to develop a predictive model for inventory that ensures optimal results. A customer’s goal is to buy fewer cartons more often – we understand that, and work to meet those needs through great planning and a dedication to customer satisfaction.

We employ the most experienced offset lithographers and craftsmen in North America, backed by exceptional quality sheet-fed technology.

The benefits of the Packaging Group’s offset capabilities include:
  • Concise graphic reproduction
  • Lower cost converting
  • UV or conventional printing and coatings
  • Full windowing capabilities
  • Low initiation costs